“The teacher understands how children learn and develop, and can provide learning opportunities that support a child’s intellectual, social, and personal development.”


Writing lesson plans for a unit on Walter Dean Myers’ novel Monster allowed me to explore ways to encourage and expand students’ intellectual, social and personal development. 

In writing the lessons that structured the unit I sought to incorporate the following objectives:

Significance of Goals/Objectives and Alignment with National, State or Local Standards: Goals/objectives incorporate important ideas and accurate content; are explicitly aligned with national, state or local standards; and align with those of classroom teacher.

Clarity of Objectives: Objectives are clearly stated as learning outcomes.

Rationale for Objectives: Rationale for objectives effectively addresses significance; challenge; and student developmental level and diversity.

Challenge and Variety of Objectives in Support of Authentic Learning: Objectives address a variety of learning outcomes (content, skills, attitudes/dispositions) that include challenging higher-order thinking skills.

Developmental Appropriateness of Objectives for Students: Objectives are developmentally appropriate and match current student pre-requisite knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Responsiveness of Objectives to Student Diversity: Objectives are  responsive to student diversity and modified for individual differences.

(Objectives from guidelines for Achievement Goals/Objectives)

To read more about my learning unit on Walter Dean Myers’ Monster click here for my lesson plan chart in support of standards







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