The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.

As if pre-service teachers did not have enough to worry about in honing their classroom management skills, multiculturalism puts a spin on how new teachers lead their students.  The good news is that pre-service teachers, by nature, lack their own set of classroom management skills, which may be more difficult to abandon, multicultural classroom management techniques can be at the forefront of new teachers’ repertoire. New teachers who have the advantage of knowledge of multicultural classroom management skills also own the benefit of students who respect them, their fellow classmates, and the learning process.  Multicultural classroom management is a symbiotic relationship in which both teacher and students profit. 

To better understand multicultural classroom management, it is vital to know what multicultural education is.  Although there are numerous interpretations of multicultural education as defined by experts in the field, multicultural education can be simply defined as an educational movement that strives to promote pluralism and to minimize racism in the classroom.  As defined by Sonia Nieto in Affirming diversity: The sociopolitical context of Multicultural Education, “Comprehensive school reform and basic education for all students that challenges all forms of discrimination, permeates instruction and interpersonal relations in the classroom, and advances the democratic principles of social justice.” (Nieto, 1992)  Multicultural education according to Nieto encompasses instruction, interpersonal relations and promotes democracy and social justice.  In order for multicultural education to be successful it must permeate the way in which teachers manage their students. 

To read more on this topic check out my Power Point presentation on Multicultural Classroom Management




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